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Laure Lipinski : the Reverso effect

Laure Lipinski was one of the very first owners of a Reverso. The boat has changed her relationship to sailing.

Laure Lipinski showing different moods, shot in Black & White. DOMENICO CENNAMO

Aged 33, Laure Lipinski is a very dynamic young woman. She is an Air France pilot, mother of a one-and-a-half year-old boy, and a long-standing sportswoman (horse riding, gliding, gymnastics, climbing, underwater hockey). Sailing is not a childhood passion for Laure, who grew up in the Paris region. "I tried it occasionally: a few Optimist courses, experiences in cruisers and dinghies. Yet my family loves the sea and sailing, I have always been immersed in this world," she says. Ian, Laure's older brother, is well known in the world of ocean racing. Twice winner of the Mini Transat (in 2015 and 2017), he is currently preparing an ambitious new project with a latest generation Class 40. 

A very special 30th birthday gift

It’s fair to say, then, that when Laure settled in Montpellier at the age of 25, she was interested in sailing but not yet totally hooked. "Then I wanted to enjoy the sea more. I thought of buying a small dinghy, but I faced the storage issue because I live in a small house in the city centre," she explains. The trigger came in 2015 when Laure heard about Reverso. "This platform perfectly met my requirements. It is innovative, family-friendly, easy to set-up and use.” For her 30th birthday, her friends had a whip round which enabled her to purchase the second Reverso off the production line.

"It's pure pleasure. The boat gets going instantly
and rushes onto the plane. As a near novice, I'm
still getting a serious adrenaline rush!"

She had a treat in store. "It's pure pleasure. The boat gets going instantly and rushes onto the plane. As a near novice, I'm still getting a serious adrenaline rush!" enthuses Laure. "I feel safe in this very steady boat, which is almost impossible to capsize. It is accessible to all and you can have beginners on board. This summer, I think that my little one might even have his first Reverso outing!”

Laure takes full advantage of the portability of the Reverso. She took it with her on a catamaran cruise in the Mediterranean. And closer to home in Montpellier, she carries it in the boot of the family car to make the most of the sea and lakes. In the long run she could well buy a second Reverso and take it up to south Brittany, where her parents now live. It’s an idea that carries all the hallmarks of one bitten by the bug!

Laure's choice was a stylish Reverso Air - Karma red edition


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