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Need for speed

Because we have a racing background, because we like to sail efficiently and push our limits, the Reverso Air is reflecting this.

Need for speed

The most important characteristic of Reverso Air is its ability to plane fast due to the its very flat bottomed shape. The hard chine gives you a lot of control and confidence, helping you to push your limits.

Top speeds recorded are 16.2 knots. The french windsurfer & photographer Robin Christol 🇫🇷 is currently holding the record.

Robin Christol smiling after smashing the Reverso's speed record

Precision sailing

We spent a lot of time and 5 sailing prototypes designing a very well balanced yacht.
The precision, the helm pressure, the mainsheet softness and diameter.. everything has been custom designed to elevate your experience. Even olympic sailors joined the Reverso family.
Welcome to a world of precision, there is no way back !


We are a french boat maker, building sailboats we are proud of for people we care about.

We ship worldwide on a simple box thanks to our folding technology

Reverso project :

10 parc club du millénaire • 1025 av Henri Becquerel • 34000 Montpellier FRANCE • tel : +33 6 95 85 83 93 •

Financial partners :

Région Occitanie • Banque populaire • BPI France • Créalia