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Reverso AIr

Reverso Air Karma Red

Reverso Air Cobalt Blue

Reverso Match

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Reverso Air

✓ Composite hull made in France

✓ Folding design

✓ Full carbon sectional mast

✓ Black membrane sail

Reverso Air - Cobalt blue

✓ Composite hull made in France

✓ Folding design

✓ Full carbon sectional mast

✓ Black membrane sail

✓ Two-tone racing livery : Cobal blue + light grey

Reverso Air - Karma red

✓ Composite hull made in France

✓ Folding design

✓ Full carbon sectional mast

✓ Black membrane sail

✓ Two-tone racing livery : Karma red + light grey

Reverso Match edition

✓ Composite hull made in France

✓ Folding design

✓ Full carbon sectional mast

✓ Black membrane sail

✓ Limited and numbered edition : dark grey hull, red, white and matte black design

✓ Electronic speedpuck included in the cockpit



We are a proud brand, committed in building the greatest small sailing boats.
We value honesty, transparency and genuine relations.
We are here for the long run and value long term relations.

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We built a strong and complete ressource center here.
We intend to cover everything you may want to know about the brand, the use of Reverso, transportation, shipping and buying process.

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Reverso for Superyachts

Since 2016, Reverso is honored to be the #1 choice in the superyacht industry.
 We are proud to meet the level of excellence expected by superyacht owners and captains.
The Reverso is not another superyacht toy, it’s an extension of the yacht with a design and styling that definitly fits.

Shipping : we operate worldwide

As soon as we receive the balance, we will pack your Reverso in its special transport box and ship it directly to your addres, upon appointment.

We work with the fastest and highest quality carriers: Kuehne & Nagel for Europe and overseas and Safram for Switzerland 🇨🇭

Transport times are 4 to 5 working days for France, and 7 to 10 days for Switzerland and Europe. Expect a few weeks for overseas shipments but it can be much faster.

Small sailboats : definition

a small sailboat is generally defined as a sailboat

  • shorter than 20ft
  • that can be either a sailing dinghy or a beach catamaran
  • the key aspects are is the light weight and the ease of use

The most widely distributed is the sunfish, designed in the 1960's and claiming more than quarter million units sold. the fastest is the foiling moth, and the most innovative is probably the Reverso Air.

Latest innovations

2 major innovations were introduced within the last ten years in small sailboats

  • The addition of foils : with the International moth class, small sailboats started to foil above the water.
    Despite being very exciting, this discipline requires extremely sensitive skills and some special sailing conditions (sheltered waters)
  • Portability. Just like a macbook Air, some small sailboats can fold up and eliminate a major part of logistic hassles.
    There are 2 technologies used : the inflatable technology, and the rigid-folding technology used to build the Reverso Air.

This portability feature enabled the market to grow beyond the usual sailing market, bringing nature enthusiasts, surfers and also to reactivate ex-sailors, tired of the logistics.

Small sailboat racing

Definitely an exciting part of the sport, the regattas are a social competitive and friendly events.
Even if you're quite new to the sport, we strongly recommend that you join an event. The proximity and advices of other sailors will definitely elevate your game and you'll learn a lot !

Who can sail a small sailboat ?

Almost anyone ! In 2021, small sailboat sailing is not anymore a tough and physical sport. If you want to keep the ability to handle the boat single handed, you should take care of picking a light and versatile sailboat.
Kid can start early with their parents and then start sailing solo, under supervision.
We are stocked to see more people joining the sport, year after year on what is truly a life-changing experience.

Anatomy of a small sailboat

A small sailboat has many components. Here are the most important ones :

  • Hull - where you sit and control the boat. The hull shape and design influences stability, sailing style and performance.
    A self bailing cockpit is auto draining the water that may comes from waves.
  • Mast - traditionally made of wood, they are now made of alloy or carbon. Carbon is generally half the weight of ann alloy mast. Looking for mast weight is not a luxury. Considering the leverage effect of extra weight in the mast, it is one of the most important place to save weight, which will make the boat more stable , easier to rig and to recover in the event of capsizing.
  • Boom - placed at 90° from the mast, at the sail's footer, the boom helps keeping the profile neat. The boom vang has an essential tuning role. Having a boom not too low is an important criteria to consider for smoother maneuvers.
  • Sail - can be made of dacron, (white or colored basic sailcloth), mylar or sometimes membrane.
    You'll find different shapes like the classic triangle and more elaborated shapes like square heads (like on racing sailboats) sustained by full battens.
  • Centerboard - helps you go straight ! its position is essential in the boat design. A well balanced boat should allow a slight weather helm (slight tendency of the boat to turn towards the wind). A weather helm helps you feel the boat, and can even let you helm the boat with closed eyes. (exercise practiced during coaching sessions to develop sensations onboard)
  • Rudder, tiller and tiller extension - this is your wheel ! it should be precise, with perfect adjustment for the maximum of pleasure.


We are a french boat maker, building sailboats we are proud of for people we care about.

We ship worldwide on a simple box thanks to our folding technology

Reverso project :

10 parc club du millénaire • 1025 av Henri Becquerel • 34000 Montpellier FRANCE • tel : +33 6 95 85 83 93 •

Financial partners :

Région Occitanie • Banque populaire • BPI France • Créalia