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Sailing is cool, owning a boat is complicated.

> We invented 

the Reverso Air, a sailing dinghy that folds up in 3 minutes

  • no trailer / no marina / no garage
  • low commitment
  • cost effective
Folding boat
Sailing dinghy Reverso Air sailing in clear waters, aft view with sailor steering in stand-up position.
Sailing dinghy Reverso Air sailing in clear waters, aft view with sailor steering in stand-up position.

Does it work for :

  • → sailing solo ?

    Yes ! the largest section only weights 39 pounds, the boat is super easy to rig and can be sailed by a single person.

  • -> sailing with kids ?

    Kids love the Reverso since they feel protected in the large and safe cockpit. They’ll be able to helm

  • -> sailing with 2 crew ?

  • -> performance sailing ?

    Hell yeah ! Besides being super easy to handle, the Reverso Air took us over 16.2 kts. would you dare trying to smash that record ?

  • -> the trunk of my car ?

    Yes, if you have an estate car, a SUV or a family car. If you have a smaller car, you may use a tow hitch platform

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Reverso Air

Reverso Air

Reverso Sailing dinghy : Meet our full range

One boat, 4 versions and a game changing way of sailing.

The sailing dinghy new revolution

"Owning a boat is complicated"
It's quite logical to understand that space is not scalable in yacht clubs and marinas. This space issue is preventing new sailors to join our sport and also raising costs of storage fees of a sailing dinghy.

It's also quite logical that a generation of surfers & kite-surfers, nature enthusiasts are looking for more mobility than sailing all the time from the same port or club. That is what we observed as the rise of free-sailing.

Being sailors but also surfers, free-divers, windsurfers, trailers, we rapidly understood that the boat of the future will need to require less commitment in :

  • Budget allowed
  • Maintenance time needed.
  • Recurrent storing fees

These items are much less relevant when you decide to buy a new bike or a surfboard, because storage and transport is obviously easy.

Our sport needed a new approach. That is the reason why we founded Reverso.

Sailing dinghy : what about the multiplayer mode ?

What is a good multiplayer boat ?

For us, it is a sailing dinghy :

  • light enough to be single-handed rigged and operated
  • stable, reassuring enough to take friends out and teach them
  • that allows you one day to surf the swell, and hit sailing records and another day to take the kids out.
  • That adapts from 8 yo kid helm up to a big guy

Building sailing dinghy with multiplayer in mind was a tough challenge. In fact, it is a new sailing culture. but we are proud to claim it is possibly the core innovation of Reverso, beyond its folding abilities : allowing to sail at speeds faster than 16kts and let your 8yo kid helm it on a calm day.
It is just like riding an athletic and tall horse with the calmest and most gentle mind. Welcome to a true multiplayer mode.


We are a french boat maker, building sailboats we are proud of for people we care about.

We ship worldwide on a simple box thanks to our folding technology

Reverso project :

10 parc club du millénaire • 1025 av Henri Becquerel • 34000 Montpellier FRANCE • tel : +33 6 95 85 83 93 •

Financial partners :

Région Occitanie • Banque populaire • BPI France • Créalia